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Geocaching Warrior Set - Hammer, Helmet and Shield



International Geocaching Day is August 18th! 

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Geocaching Warrior Set- Hammer, Helmet and Shield


Don't just find caches. Battle them! 

This epic set of trackables will quickly become the pride of any collection. These items are big, heavy and some of the coolest trackable items you will ever see! 

Each set includes the impressively large Gladiator Helmet, the intricately designed Warrior Shield and the impressive and heavy Thor's Hammer that is big and heavy enough to do some serious damage! 

This unique set makes a great gift (for you or someone else) and is only available for a limited time.

Included in each set:

  • Gladiator Helmet (polished silver)

This large and impressive helmet is trackable at (tracking number is on the inside back).  It sits over 3 inches tall and is approximately 2.5 inches front to back.  It has an intimidating look and feel and has a size that will impress any trackable fan. 

  • Warrior Shield

The shield has an intricate design on an antique silver finish.  On the back there are two real straps along with the tracking code.  It is built to stop small arrows or to work as one of the most unique geocoins you will see. 

  • Thor's Hammer

This is one heavy hammer!  It measures over 3 inches with a head that is approximately 1.75 x 1.25 inches.  It has a real strap and is ready to travel from geocache to geocache or pound nails while you are creating your next great hide!


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Geocaching Warrior Set - Hammer, Helmet and Shield

Geocaching Warrior Set - Hammer, Helmet and Shield

International Geocaching Day is August 18th! 

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