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Cosmolabe Antiek Brons


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Cosmolabe Antiek Brons


Een prachtige grote Geocoin, met aan de voorkant en aan de achterkant elk 2 draaibare delen. 

Doorsnede: 65mm 

Dikte: 5mm

Trackable op

Icon: Cosmolabe Geocoin Icon

The Cosmolabe geocoin is a fantasy navigational instrument. Just as an astrolabe is helpful in navigating from point to point on the world, the cosmolabe geocoin is meant to guide the user from world to world through different dimensions. The original was designed and created as a prop for the movie Worldwalker, now in pre-production.

On the obverse side, the user places the reticle of the dial over the symbol for the world they are currently in, then they place the reticle of the beam over the world they wish to travel to. The end points of the beam then point to the rune components needed to create the gate between worlds. You may notice that it is not always possible to travel from any given world to every other one. There are fictional reasons for this but the truth is that such a limitation was necessary for the plot of the movie. On the reverse side, the user can select the rune components and activate the gate.

The text on the cosmolabe is the Voynich script. This is an actual alphabet from a historic text on alchemy (probably) that has never been decoded.

This geocoin design is used with permission from the original artist. The celestial background photos are used with permission from Donald E. Scott of The Electric Sky.

The Cosmolabe Geocoins™ are approximately 3/ 3/16" tall and 10mm thick. Each coin is trackable on The tracking numbers are engraved directly into the edge of each coin preserving its permanence.





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Cosmolabe Antiek Brons

Cosmolabe Antiek Brons

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